What people say about June and her dance events

“…dancing with June is the ultimate in circle dance experience!”


“Thank you so much for a truly wonderful day's dancing in Northampton last Saturday; I came away feeling refreshed and re-energised.”


“June is such a master… I know the amazing work and love that goes into this creation of sacred dance.”


“Whenever I dance with you, I know that it will be a great journey and transformation.”


“…just being who you are and being the dance with us, a gift! The more I journey with the dance, the more I feel profoundly grateful for the dance and for you, our teacher'”


“Many, many heartfelt thanks for the dancing and the teachings over the years. Your beauty has touched my heart and soul and inspired me on my journey.”


“Many thanks again for the brilliant and inspiring weekend…just what I needed, I am still in bliss. ”


“Thanks for a glorious dance weekend in El Cerrito! Rich, deep, fulfilling. Loved the meditation style. ”


“Thank you so much for another wondrously magical weekend. I feel blessed to have sacred circle dance in my life. Each weekend has moved me to my core in one way or another. I always leave feeling inspired and more empowered and I am grateful for that. Thank you for creating and holding sacred space for all this to unfold. I feel so very fortunate to have you for a teacher.”


“I am grateful to have you as my teacher. Each time we meet is incredibly powerful and moving for me.”


"June brings more spirit to the dance than any teacher I've encountered. She takes you on a magical journey travelling far beyond the steps, to a place of deep meaning and invites you to dance the essence, the soul of each dance. I love her wisdom, sacred intention, accessibility, open heart and her passion and committment to the evolution of Circle Dance. She inspires us to not only to 'walk our talk', but dance it too!"


"…photo of June with her arms wide open is how I feel she totally embraces the Dance, the community and life itself. Centred, poised, playful, full of adventure and the joy of juiciness that comes from standing often in that sacred still place…"


"You brought us a unique form of spiritual energy that was very much grounded. You don't just talk about it, you embody it. I especially enjoyed watching your very expressive feet, inspiring my feet to find a similar contact with the earth. Thank you for bringing us some much needed warmth and light at the end of a long hard winter."


"I want to thank you. It was truly awesome, a deep and beautiful experience. Your total onnectedness to Spirit, to the dance, and to us. You are a wonderful teacher. I have learned so much from you. Thank you for your gift. May you continue to Inspire through the Power of the Dance!"


"What a splendiforous weekend! You teach dance with such lightness and also with full freedom for any emotional response that comes. I really appreciate that."


“The experience has taken me in deep to the place I know I need to be… June, thank you so much.”


“Over many years June has created dances to spread her love and enthusiasm for dance to many people in Europe and Canada. Now however she synthesises all this wisdom and experience to present dances as ways of being, workshops as experiences of initiation and blessing, dancing as living and being in wholeness.”


"June talks about the spiritual dimension with directness, simplicity, and warmth."


"The weekend was probably the most special weekend of my life. I learnt so much—not just about Circle Dance but also about myself and about life. … You are such a joy to be with, and I appreciated the way you expressed yourself through the dance. It has helped me since be more expressive in my own life."


"I feel sure you have changed more people's outlook on life than you can possibly imagine—you have mine."


"For me, you are a model of womanhood, maturing into your body, your beauty, your creativity. Thank you for all the gifts."


“Your dedication to the Dance, life and the Planet, and the way you integrate spirit and soul with the Dance keeps on impressing on me that we can never be too deep. I homour you so much and thank you for being my ‘teacher’.”


"I felt that you brought the energy of the Sun right into the building and grounded it here."