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Leaves and nuts as dancers in a circle

Water vortex

Blury circle dancing

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Circle dancing around image of the earth

August 2020



October 2020


This is in place of a week-long Sacred Circle Dance Pilgrimage which was to have been in France near Rennes-le-Chateau, the village made notorious through Dan Brown’s book ‘The Da Vinci Code’. This is an area of powerful earth energies and a mysterious and sacred history, where you feel you are dancing in the footsteps of the Cathars, the Templars, Mary Magdalene.

The dances are for the feminine and the masculine and for the two united. Many of them are from the tradition of the Troubadours, the travelling minstrels who held the knowledge of the divine feminine encoded in their songs and dances as secret messages that could be safely carried and spread under the noses of the Inquisitors of the Catholic Church. This clearly no longer needs to be secret, the Feminine energy continues to rise purposely and unstoppably on the earth and it is the Masculine that is now called upon to adapt and find its own heart-based power.

We will tune in to the energy field of this powerful area that holds the highest imprint of the Sacred Marriage of the Feminine and the Masculine, as manifest in The Magdalene and Jeshua, and the aim of the weekend is to ground a new balance of the 'masculine' and the 'feminine' through the heart.

December 2020

Dancing into the New Year

Dancing from the old year into the new, from the old world into the new. Following the heart's guidance, the path will unfold as we go, one step of discovery at a time. As guides and companions of the way the dances travelling with us will provide us with invaluable gifts - qualities, energies, to assist and empower us on a glorious journey we will be discovering together.

February 2021


In the energy of Imbolc, this is the time of melting ice, breaking waters, swelling seeds and the return of flow. A perfect time for separation to flow into togetherness.

As we are also moving into the age of Aquarius, the Water Carrier, the lens widens and brings a focus on community rather than primarily on the individual. Here's a powerful thought to contemplate - 'There is only togetherness'.

We know there is no separation, we are truly a part of one unified force, we know we are Joy in our essence and when we come together, pooling and directing our energies, moving as one, in love with life, there's nothing we can't achieve. A world of peace, plenty, happiness and health is a given!

So in celebration of life, we dance with our whole Self; with the earth and the force of nature; in communion with each other; and lastly we dance with and within the silence of the Universe.

March / April

Spring Equinox/Easter. Two parts
Part 1

Green Woodland

At the spring and autumn Equinox the whole earth experiences the same length day and night, our light and dark are the same everywhere, we share a point of balance. I have chosen 'Integration' as our focus, bringing strands of life together in harmony, balancing opposites, finding the meeting place in the heart. The old name for the Spring Equinox is 'Eostre', who was the Saxon goddess of the dawn celebrated at the beginning of spring. Her name is clearly the origin of 'Easter' and both names hold the same theme of rebirth, of bringing life out of death. Never has Eostre been more important than she is this year, never has the energy of these dances of upliftment, gentleness, beauty, joy, strength and commitment been more needed.

Part 2

Green Woodland

Celebrating in joy as Mother Earth births new spring life. (In the Northern Hemisphere, in the Southern of course the harvest is being gathered and celebrated.)

The 12 dances from the Equinox weekend now have 6 more with the specific Easter theme of life coming out of death. We are continually transiting from death to rebirth, they are two faces to the same event, and in these dances we move in a ritual way through the transition from the old reality to a new potential.

There will be a Zoom option on the evening (European time) of Sunday 21st March after we have danced. This is an opportunity to share experiences of the dancing and the theme and to connect individually. A link will be sent to you at the start of the workshop.

If you already have danced Integration you will automatically receive these extra dances on Good Friday. If you haven't danced Integration, and wish to dance the whole Easter experience, you can register for this, the full package of 18 dances, by

April / May

Last October I ran a virtual workshop in place of an 'actual' week that was scheduled to be in 'Magdalene country' in France. Called 'The Sacred Marriage' it was a big topic and produced more strands to be explored later! This is that 'later'!

Beltane - The Sacred Marriage Part 2
Pear Blossom

Beltane, the beginning of summer in the Northern hemisphere and winter in the Southern, is a Fire festival. This is the fire of passion and creation, whereas the fires 6 months later at Samhain, the beginning of winter, are for clearing and cleansing.

In March and April we danced the Spring Equinox with its energy of Balance, and Easter with Rebirth, and now, at this time of blossoming beauty and buzzing bees, the theme is Union, as female and male of all species, May Queen and Green Man, Earth and Sun, come together in the Beltane dance of fertility.

We will weave various strands together, marrying in the heart
  • what is inside with what is outside
  • lower body with upper body
  • self with another
  • Earth Mother and Sky Father

and ultimately the self with the Self in Pure Love.

If these are the weft then the warp, which hold the strands, is the marriage of the physical body with the eternal indestructible spirit through the truth and the essence of the Cathars which is being resurrected now. This year, 2021, is the year of the prophecy made by the last Cathar to be martyred in 1321 in which he promises the return of the Cathars in 7 centuries and the birth of a heart-centred, earth-centred community of humanity. 'The Time Returns'!

"This is the Sacred Marriage, the Mary-Age. This is Holy Matrimony, the mystical forming of the Matri, the Mother, and the infusion by spirit of the matrix, the space between the cells of the body. In the mystery of this fusion, flower and sun become one and form the fruit that carries the seed. May this fusion be within me; sacred marriage of my Earth self with my eternal spirit Being, and may my Phoenix fire bird rise from my ashes."

from the Beltane chapter of The S.E.E.D. Book. available from


Summer Solstice
Eagle and Sun
Summer Solstice - the Anglo-Saxon name is Litha - is the pinnacle of the year, the climax of the sun's apparent journey through the heavens. The soaring eagle reaches the mountain top and for three breathless days the sun stands still (in Latin - Sol-stice). The spirit of the Earth dances in the cosmos and we come together to dance with her in celebration and joy, living every timeless moment to the full before the descent begins on Midsummer Day.

High summer, long carefree days of maximum light, dancing lightly, dancing Light; rising on a sun ray, free as air, to the mountain peak of our being, enjoying the different view, higher view, new perspective, vision. Yet grounded, roots deep in the Earth....and dreaming, dreaming in the mind-free zone of pure Being, beyond thought, beyond limits, dreaming the vision, the new world, into being.
There will be a Zoom option on the evening (European time) of Sunday 20th June after we have danced. This is an opportunity to share experiences of the dancing and the theme and to connect individually. A link will be sent to you at the start of the workshop.


Corn Dolly
The grain is full to bursting with the energy of the sun, and the harvest begins, reaping with awareness what has been sown. 'So the Sun King dies as the corn and the wheat, feel the cool steel scythe of the harvest......."

Lammas or Lughnasadh, the gathering-in of the grain, is the first harvest of the year; harvesting the fruit follows at Mabon/Autumn (Fall) Equinox and the 3rd and final harvest is the culling of the animals at Samhain.

The keynote of the festival is Gratitude/Appreciation, and the focus is primarily the Mother who feeds and sustains us. We dance honouring the cycle of receiving and giving, and we contemplate what we personally are reaping from these past months, sifting the nourishing grain from the chaff and accepting the Mother's gifts with thanksgiving.

There will be a Zoom option on the evening (European time) of Sunday 1st August after we have danced. This is an opportunity to share experiences of the dancing and the theme and to connect individually. A link will be sent to you at the start of the workshop.


Mabon / Autumn/Fall Equinox
From the airy heights of midsummer we land back firmly on the earth with Mabon, the Autumn/Fall Equinox. A time of pausing, stocktaking, clearing and balancing in preparation for the further descent into the dark half of the year, as well as for gathering the ripe fruits of this, the second harvest.

The Keynote is Harmony. Harmonia was the goddess daughter of Aphrodite, Greek goddess of love and beauty, and Ares the god of war. We seek harmony at this time of chaos and destruction on the earth as the old world dies, focusing not on temporary outer circumstances but on the eternal peace and truth of the heart, the entrance way to dance into the new world.

There will be a Zoom option on the evening (European time) of Sunday 19th September after we have danced. This is an opportunity to share experiences of the dancing and the theme and to connect individually. A link will be sent to you at the start of the workshop.


The Festival of Peace. The Beginning of Winter.
Tree Strength
Dancing between the worlds, we stand on the threshold of winter, facing outer and inner darkness. As form in nature breaks up and old dead growth from the season's fertility is composted and returned to the earth; as the trees strip and stand strong in their skeleton structure; as the world gets crazier and personal liberties are further and further eroded, we stand strong in the peace of our truth and our heart knowing.

This is the most powerful Samhain we have ever lived through or ever will. The dances this workshop, while acknowledging the shift in the year into the time of the Dark Mother, aim to strengthen our inner being, the knowing of who we are, the power that is ours, and the light in which we stand. One of us standing straight and true in alignment with pure love is more powerful than millions who are not. We dance to know this, to be this. In preparation for this transition we can usefully be asking ourselves where our own strength lies, in what aspects of ourselves and our lives, what gives us a sense of our personal power, convinces us that we are invincible, eternal beings.


Yule / Midwinter Solstice
candle in cupped hands

We are on the final stage of the descent to the Solstice and the turning/returning point.

Old growth withers and falls away. The roots of the tree are deep, the trunk stands strong, energy drawn within. The leaves do not resist the pull of gravity, the drag of the dying year, they simply let go and fall, sinking down back into the Mother. Sink into the dark, into the peace of the silent earth, feel her holding, body to body. There is life, there is light in the compost of our old selves. And at the deepest, darkest point, stripped of all unnecessary baggage, we will emerge into our own light.

The challenge at this season, while outer society rushes around in diminishing and increasingly crazy circles, is to let go and relax into stillness and silence. The dances will lead us on this journey from the outer into the deepest inner place of the heart where freedom is to be found.

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'Timeless Joy'
rainbow heart

It's outbreath time! There is a new lightness and joy in the collective 'air'. There's always so much to celebrate, so much to appreciate! So this weekend is a Smile Dance event about the good stuff, all the richness and the blessings of life, the innumerable things to be happy about. Deepak Chopra ended one of his lecture series summing up all his teaching in this sentence - 'Create only joy for yourself!'

Joy is deeper, more intrinsic to us than a mere emotion, it is an aspect of who we, in essence, are. We know that what we give our energy to becomes a reality, whatever we focus on we create, and Quantum Science backs this up, so let's be the cosmic creative beings we are, dance and celebrate together, and fill the global Dance circle to overflowing with Joy.

For how these events work or payment details, see below.


candle in cupped hands

Looking at the current state of the world it seems that humanity has lost contact with its true nature somewhere along the line. I feel a restless seeking and a loss of direction. There are many reasons for this but as an old wise gardener used to say in response to almost any problem with his plants - 'The answer lies in the soil'.

Modern western life is all about rushing around, rootless, slaves of the clock and the system, unaware of the earth beneath the busy feet. On the way so much magic is missed - the fragrance of the fertile spring earth, the miracle of the opening buds, the busyness of the birds, the beauty in every step, so much soul food for inner emptiness.

This weekend offers the possibility to take pause and be deeply with the earth, feet in the soil. The dances, inspired by 'First Nations' peoples from aboriginal cultures, are designed to awaken our deep primal oneness with the earth. Dancing such dances to the thrilling, pounding beat of native drums, the ancient calling of the didgeridoos, the haunting cry of the flute may help us all connect with our deeply-rooted ancestral selves rooted deep in the life-giving body of Mother Gaia.

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Friday 22nd - Sunday 24th

'Down to Earth' part 2.

(It is not necessary to have danced Part 1).

After, and alongside, our primary relationship with our own self, comes our relationship with the earth. From that firm base we safely move out to connect with each other and with the universe. We seek now to further deepen our connection with Mother Gaia, our Earth Mother.

The earth is truly our Mother, we are made of her, we breathe her spirit, she holds us and connects us all through a vast web of life; everything is linked to and affects everything else. She suffers our abuse, she feels us and we are asked to pay attention so we may feel her. She is the way to healing for a struggling, bewildered humanity, and she is calling her children home.

In Down to Earth part 1. the focus was on aboriginal societies and feeling into their instinctive earth relationship through their music and movements. We move now to the traditional music and dance of old Europe and experience the deep earth connection in these rhythms, and on to contemporary dances for healing and unifying.

For how these events work or donation details, see below.


Friday 27th - Sunday 29th
'Heart to Heart'
mystical torus

The control of mind, of intellect, has got us as a collective into a shocking mess; it's time for a shift, time for the way of the heart.With an eye on Beltane, and bees diving into the hearts of flowers, we also dive this weekend, into our heart, probing its expansion and depths.

I wonder if you are experiencing an increase in the sun's power this year? Apparently it is preparing to shed its protective layers - in stages - meaning there will be a massive increase in frequency as a much stronger energy comes in. The first of these Solar Unveilings will be sometime in the middle of May. Good to be aware and have the strength and grounding of the Dance and the Dance Circle, to hold these powerful energies for us all.

The best way to prepare and be with such cosmic happenings is, as always, by simply being grounded in the heart. Time to relegate the brain in the head to its proper status! Our focus is - to move from the heart, to think from and with the heart and to act heart-centredly. The energy of the heart, I realised recently, is toroidal; like a Torus, a turning 'doughnut', it moves in and round and out again endlessly, just like the energy in the circle when we dance.

The heart itself is changing, evolving as are we, and as things shift under our feet, all that matters is to be anchored in the heart. We dance this weekend to further open and deepen in the heart, with the awareness that it is the gateway to expansion, to reality and to bliss. Through the Circle we access heart resonance and through the heart, as midwives of life, we are birthing our new self, the new earth, the new humanity.

For how these events work or donation details, see below.

There will be a Zoom option on the evening (8pm European time) of Sunday 29th May after we have danced. This is an opportunity to share experiences of the dancing and the theme and to connect individually. A link will be sent to you during the workshop.

How these events work

They are NOT via Zoom, the dancing is accessed through a link to my web-page that you will be sent after booking/before the date of the event.

This way of dancing is proving to be immensely popular and successful. One reason is you can choose when you dance, and for how long during the weekend, with the added advantage that if you can't make it on the date, the files are kept available indefinitely so you can still be a part of the circle for that time.

Dancers have discovered that they feel close and connected - a part of the circle even through the screen. They can feel the powerful healing energy of the dances and of the circle come through despite being geographically separate. Some dancers have had transforming experiences and all have felt inspired, uplifted and renewed by this way of being together which connects us beyond personality and physical restrictions.

Click here to read some of the responses following previous online workshops ‘Dance of the Earth Spirit’ and ‘Dancing in Harmony with the Elements’.

When you book you will get a link to my web page where you will find the files of the dances. There will be a video of:

  • an introductory talk about the theme, the selected dances and the journey they can take us on,
  • separate videos of the teaching of each dance, including step notation for that dance,
  • a video recording of the dancing of each dance. (This is what you can dance along with.)
  • Follow this link for a sample of these workshops.

    Donations for this workshop

    Although there is a set sliding scale (33 - 66, if paying in Euros), please pay whatever your purse and your heart tell you.
    Donations can be made in Euros, GB Pound Sterling or Australian dollars. When booking tell us what your currency is, even if not in the list. We will send you payment details.