Online Sacred Circle Dancing with June


Water vortex

Blury circle dancing

Fun dancing outside

Two circles dancing outside

Leaves and nuts as dancers in a circle

Circle dancing around image of the earth



Friday 5th - Sunday 7th
'Together - Dancing in Joy and Celebration of Life'

In the energy of Imbolc, this is the time of melting ice, breaking waters, swelling seeds and the return of flow. A perfect time for separation to flow into togetherness.

As we are also moving into the age of Aquarius, the Water Carrier, the lens widens and brings a focus on community rather than primarily on the individual. Here's a powerful thought to contemplate - 'There is only togetherness'.

We know there is no separation, we are truly a part of one unified force, we know we are Joy in our essence and when we come together, pooling and directing our energies, moving as one, in love with life, there's nothing we can't achieve. A world of peace, plenty, happiness and health is a given!

So in celebration of life, we dance with our whole Self; with the earth and the force of nature; in communion with each other; and lastly we dance with and within the silence of the Universe.

March / April

Friday 19th - Sunday 21st March / Friday 2nd - Sunday 4th April

This is related to the workshop 'Sacred Marriage' danced in October last year. It is a second part to that weekend, although please note that either workshop can be danced separately, they are not dependant on each other. If you missed the first October one you can still access it, by simply requesting the link and making your payment. In fact all previous workshops from last year are still available, see below.

These online Sacred Circle Dance events are NOT using Zoom, the dancing is accessed through a link to my web-page that you will be sent after booking/before the date of the event.

This way of dancing is proving to be immensely popular and successful. One reason is you can choose when you dance, and for how long during the weekend, with the added advantage that if you can't make it on the date, the files are kept available indefinely so you can still be a part of the circle for that time.

Dancers have discovered that they feel close and connected - a part of the circle even through the screen. They can feel the powerful healing energy of the dances and of the circle come through despite being geographically separate. Some dancers have had transforming experiences and all have felt inspired, uplifted and renewed by this way of being together which connects us beyond personality and physical restrictions.

Click here to read some of the responses following previous online workshops ‘Dance of the Earth Spirit’ and ‘Dancing in Harmony with the Elements’.

When you book you will get a link to my web page where you will find the files of the dances. There will be a video of:

  • an introductory talk about the theme, the selected dances and the journey they can take us on,
  • separate videos of the teaching of each dance, including step notation for that dance,
  • a video recording of the dancing of each dance. (This is what you can dance along with.)
  • Follow this link for a sample of these workshops.

    The cost for these events is a sliding scale, you select according to value and your purse. You can pay in Euros, GB Pound Sterling, Australian dollars or US dollars. When booking tell us which of these is your currency, or if it is another. We will then give you details for making the payment - if in Euros it is 33 – 66 or whatever your currency equivalent is.
    I am setting this considerably lower than for a ‘live’ weekend, although the same amount of ‘work’ goes in to the preparation, in fact a good deal more, but my aim is to make it feasible for you to dance all of these ‘virtual’ weekends until such time as we dance together again in the same place.

    The following workshops are still available

    August 2020

    ‘Dance of the Earth Spirit’

    ‘Dancing in Harmony with the Elements’

    October 2020

    'Sacred Marriage'

    This is in place of a week-long Sacred Circle Dance Pilgrimage which was to have been in France near Rennes-le-Chateau, the village made notorious through Dan Brown’s book ‘The Da Vinci Code’. This is an area of powerful earth energies and a mysterious and sacred history, where you feel you are dancing in the footsteps of the Cathars, the Templars, Mary Magdalene.

    The dances are for the feminine and the masculine and for the two united. Many of them are from the tradition of the Troubadours, the travelling minstrels who held the knowledge of the divine feminine encoded in their songs and dances as secret messages that could be safely carried and spread under the noses of the Inquisitors of the Catholic Church. This clearly no longer needs to be secret, the Feminine energy continues to rise purposely and unstoppably on the earth and it is the Masculine that is now called upon to adapt and find its own heart-based power.

    We will tune in to the energy field of this powerful area that holds the highest imprint of the Sacred Marriage of the Feminine and the Masculine, as manifest in The Magdalene and Jeshua, and the aim of the weekend is to ground a new balance of the 'masculine' and the 'feminine' through the heart.


    December 2020

    Dancing into the New Year
    'We are the Dreamers, We are the Dream'

    Dancing from the old year into the new, from the old world into the new. Following the heart's guidance, the path will unfold as we go, one step of discovery at a time. As guides and companions of the way the dances travelling with us will provide us with invaluable gifts - qualities, energies, to assist and empower us on a glorious journey we will be discovering together.