Dancing with June

Feet Water vortex Blury circle dancing Fun dancing outside Two circles dancing outside Leaves and nuts as dancers in a circle Circle dancing around image of the earth



Friday 16 - Sunday 17
‘Going with the Flow’
Dances with fiery energy, and dances of release and surrender, invite us to let go of control and resistance, and allow the music and the steps, and life itself to dance us.
A popular annual event usually around Imbolc but this year close to the Spring Equinox.
Norrkoping, Sweden

Friday 30 - Monday 2 April
Through a journey in dances that take us travelling through the ‘wilderness’ we come home finally to the self, the Self, the whole inner dancer, into the body, and know our home as being both the earth and the infinite universe.
Michaelgarth is a spiritual home to so many, a perfect venue for the theme. Easter here is a nourishing experience – the beauty of the land, the peace and stability of the house, the evening dances by firelight, the lovingly prepared food feed body, soul and spirit, and the Dance!
Michaelgarth, Ty Mawr Convent, Nr Monmouth


Friday 27 - Tuesday 1 May
“June Watts, master teacher and choreographer extraordinaire, travels internationally teaching and sharing her love of sacred circle dance. With an open and humble heart, June shares her wisdom, humour and knowledge beyond the steps where connectedness to ‘all that is’ and transformation are possible.
This year we are delighted to offer two extra days following the weekend to engage with the dances at a deeper level.”
Ottawa, Canada


Friday 10 - Sunday 12
An eagerly anticipated out of town residential weekend in a new-to-Sacred-Circle-Dancing venue with both camping and indoor accommodation.
Camp Okeekun, near Fort MacLeod, southern Alberta, Canada
Contact Judy Bober Tel: +1 403-274-2700 and +1 403-801-6009 (Cell)

Friday 17 - Tuesday 21
Another new venue for this long-standing 5 day event in the beautiful and peaceful Robson Valley. We will dance on the banks of the magnificent Fraser River.
There is the option of either camping or indoor accommodation.
You may dance for the weekend only or extend the pleasure for 2 more days and explore the dances in depth.
Tete Jaune Cache, B.C., Canada
Contact Micah Tel: +1 250 961 5983

Friday 24 - Saturday 25
A mini weekend in the beautifully renovated hall at Scarboro United Church. Come for the Friday evening only or continue on to Saturday to truly embody the Dance.
Calgary, Alberta, Canada


Monday 24 - Monday 1 October
near historic Rennes-le-Chateau, S France in this powerful land imbued with the imprint of the Cathars, the Troubadours, Mary Magdalene. Inspiring dancing, breathtaking country, traditional farmhouse accommodation, bathing in hot springs, excursion to Montsegur and more.
Lavaldieu, see their web-page, 5km from Rennes-le-Chateau, southern France


Wednesday 3 - Wednesday 10
Another opportunity to experience the week described above. This time in
Les Labadous, see their web-page, 2km from Rennes-le-Chateau, southern France


Sunday 4. 10am - 4pm.
Dances of joy and celebration to raise the spirits as the year descends!

Saturday 10 - Sunday 11
3rd weekend of ongoing Study/Training Course. Moving together into a deeper understanding of the Dance and the dancer. Open to newcomers.

"An opportunity to work with June in a supportive group to deepen and extend your experience of the Dance. June holds a very special place in the Sacred/Circle Dance network through the connection and empowerment she experienced directly from Bernard Wosien (the father of our dance) in 1984.
June has been teaching for over 30 years and has been in recent years has run these trainings in several countries to enthusiastic feedback."

'What an extraordinary experience and privilege to be part of your Intensive. It was very powerful and I have a great fondness for your kind, spritely and profound teaching.'

Emily Perkins 'Training Course, Boston USA.'



Sunday 30 - Wednesday 2 January 2019
'Moving On'
Dancing into the New Year in Michaelgarth, a spiritual home to so many where body soul and spirit are nourished.
Michaelgarth. Ty Mawr Convent, Nr Monmouth